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Air quality is a growing problem worldwide. DesignSpark has developed an approved and certified open-source, cloud-connected, sensor platform and we’ll be sharing some exciting projects from our network of engineers. Stay tuned for details about how you can also get involved!

How it works

The Interactive Air Quality Map Part 2.0

When I started this project, the first thing I tried to do was quantify and understand the problem through research, but it dawned on me very quickly that Lagos state does not currently have a reliable air quality monitoring system in place, this realization defined the first goal of the Interactive Air Quality Map project.

Now, having confirmed the functionality and integration of the IAQM system, the next phase is to begin introducing the map to Lagos state, starting with setting up a sensor network, allowing us to start delivering potentially life-saving air quality information to people.

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From the Air Quality Forum

Join the conversation

Whether you are one of our 50 lucky beta testers or just simply want to introduce yourself and share what you would do with our Environmental Sensor Development Kit, feel free to do so in this forum. Also, if you are building your own project, looking for help or want to share information and opinions then post your details here.

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The Mindful Droid Part 2.0

Following the devastating story of Ella Kissi Debrah, a young girl whose life was tragically cut short due to high levels of air pollution-induced asthma and the survey I conduceted in 2022. Together they showed a real requirement but lack of understanding of the effects of air polution on our children

With the Mindful Droid, children and adults are able to design, programme, inform and engage around the topics and science of air quality. This way they take action against air pollution in a fun and creative passive activist way, through the output of the Mindful Droid pixel art display and onboard CO2 and NO2 sensors.

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Air Quality Project

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