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DesignSpark Mechanical Support FAQs

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to be online constantly to use DesignSpark Mechanical?

Yes, it is a requirement of using the software that the user is a DesignSpark member and that the software knows the subscription level of the user to provide the correct functionality for their subscription

Therefore on starting the software and for the periodic license checks it is required that the software be online 

Where can I get support with DesignSpark Mechanical?

You can seek help with using the software through:

Can I use a 3D SpaceMouse with DSM?

Yes, you can use a SpaceMouse from 3DConnexion as well as a regular scroll wheel mouse. Make sure to have the latest drivers installed from the manufacturer:

How do I perform a 'complete' uninstall of DesignSpark Mechanical (DSM)?

A 'complete' uninstall means removing all DesignSpark Mechanical activation data from your computer. This may be helpful if you are facing a serious issue with operating the software or due to a recent hardware change.

The steps are:

Go to 'Programs and features' on your computer and then manually uninstall DesignSpark Mechanical from there.

Next, search for 'regedit' to open the Windows registry. From here, navigate to the directory HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\ and delete the 'SpaceClaim' entry.

Alternatively, run this from the Windows command terminal (open it as admin):

reg delete "HKCU\SOFTWARE\SpaceClaim" /f

Delete this folder: C:\Users\"Your Windows Username"\AppData\Local\SpaceClaim

Handling errors while uninstalling:

Running this Microsoft trouble-shooter to fix most uninstall error codes:

If #1 does not resolve the issue you may have a damaged installation of DSM; use the CCleaner application to fully remove the program and re-install using the latest version on the DesignSpark website.

Can I run DesignSpark Mechanical on a virtual machine?

In the past, DesignSpark Mechanical users reported successfully operating the software on VMware Workstation 7.x and Player 3.x, Oracle Virtual Box 4.3* and higher. The guest operating system needs to match the DesignSpark Mechanical system requirements.

*You will need to enable the '3D driver' in Virtual Box:

You may also be able to run DesignSpark Mechanical on a Mac OSX device through hardware virtualization tools or emulation:

How do I install DesignSpark Mechanical on to a network drive (LAN)?

To minimize security risks, network attached storage (NAS) devices within business environments allow limited write access to 3rd party programs/software.

DesignSpark Mechanical (DSM) can be installed onto local storage with at least 3GB of free space. To proceed, you will need to set the correct paths within the Windows environment variables (user):











You can create new variables for the above if not already present.

Make sure none of the above point to network locations starting with '\\' before starting to install DSM.

Is the RSDOC format backwards compatible with previous DesignSpark Mechanical versions?

Yes, the RSDOC format is backwards compatible meaning new versions can open designs created with legacy versions of the software.

I have purchased one of/both DesignSpark Mechanical Add-On modules, can I still use these outside of the DesignSpark Subscription Packages?

Yes, current users who have purchased DesignSpark Mechanical Add-On modules, can continue using these without a DesignSpark Subscription Packages.

I have purchased one of/both DesignSpark Mechanical Add-On modules, can I use these with the latest free of DesignSpark Mechanical (Version 6)

No, users who have previously bought DesignSpark Mechanical Add-On module, can only use these with DesignSpark Mechanical Version 5

I have purchased one of/both DesignSpark Mechanical Add-On modules, can I still subscribe to one of the DesignSpark Subscriptions?