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DesignSpark Sustainability Roundtable

DesignSpark, part of RS Group hosted a virtual roundtable to discuss how the move to sustainability is being carried out across our supplier base. We look at what this means for product design and the engineers behind it, how material sourcing and the supply chains have an impact, and how can we shape our future business models to adapt and adopt new ways to engineer products whilst meeting the goal of carbon neutrality.

The roundtable was assembled from a cross-section of suppliers to RS Group, our panel consisted of Schneider Electric, Phoenix Contact, igus, Harting and Würth Elektronik plus RS Group's own ESG members. 

  1. Introduction
  2. What tangible initiatives have your organisations put in place?
  3. How are you empowering change and seeking new solutions?
  4. How do organisations collaborate to accelerate sustainable solutions?
  5. Is a mindset change needed in moving from a throwaway society to being more circular?
  6. How do we transition to net zero, what are the blockers, is it even feasible?
  7. Skill sets, what does this mean for recruitment, new talent and academia?
  8. What new technologies or ways of working excite you about sustainability?


Our whitepaper attached below, KEEN TO BE GREEN: AN ENGINEER’S GUIDE TO SUSTAINABLE PRODUCT DESIGN is aimed at those taking those first few steps toward sustainability within engineering. This can seem to be an immense task or undertaking. For some, it’s a daunting prospect of where to start and how to garner support within their organisation. In engineering we know there isn't one blueprint for you to follow, every design and application varies from one to the other. So here we focus on the common areas for consideration, the macro-trends behind sustainability and how engineers and companies can think differently, plus there’s a checklist for pointers on environmental, social, and economic impact.

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