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About DesignSpark

The inspiration behind DesignSpark

We know that you didn’t get into engineering just because you didn't like sports or languages! 

You went into it for the big ideas.

To create products that impact on everyday lives, and improve them. To satisfy your hunger for problem solving – no matter how big the challenge, or how small the semiconductor.

You went into engineering to spark something incredible. But between you and the ‘eureka moments’ are barriers.  Lots of them. And they’re getting more tedious and time-consuming by the day despite all the advances in technology and software. With time-to-market windows getting smaller and design teams shrinking too, the pressure on your projects can be enormous.

Especially with ever increasing workloads.

Finding the time to focus on innovation – the reason you joined the industry is the biggest challenge of them all.  
That’s why we at RS Components created a community for engineers called DesignSpark – to give you this precious time back.

We provide you with the tools you need to truly differentiate your products, and make those big ideas happen.

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