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About DesignSpark

Your go-to design engineering platform

DesignSpark is powered by engineers from every corner of the globe, bringing engineers from start-up companies with limited funds through to the largest business and students together.

DesignSpark is a platform that provides design solutions and supports engineers to accelerate design cycle time, allow rapid prototyping and get changes to market quickly: from design to manufacturing.

As DesignSpark members, engineers have access to:

  • Free Software
    DesignSpark’s suite of design and programming software helps engineers to improve productivity and allows rapid prototyping; this ranges from free professional software to paid-for uprade packages.
  • Comprehensive Libraries
    DesignSpark’s design resources and CAD neutral libraries are designed to accelerate design cycle times and speed up engineers’ design process.
  • Technology Discovery
    DesignSpark’s technology updates help engineers to stay at the forefront of the industry and new to market product introductions.
  • Community Support
    DesignSpark is the space for engineers to share, discuss and help fellow engineers; for there’s always more to learn and tinker, experiment and develop.

DesignSpark works together with DesignSpark members and continues to ensure the global engineering community has everything it needs to continue their advance.

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