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About DesignSpark

We are a team of Engineers, geeks, technology enthusiasts who love everything to do with Engineering, and we are here to simply make every day Engineering tasks easier! No matter if you are a student just starting out in Engineering or a Professional Engineer, we have something for everyone.

Our Mission is to make your life easier, with the support of like-minded people via our ever-growing design engineering community and with a platform and resource suite that helps you to realise the design and development of sustainable solutions.

We champion and celebrate the role of the engineer as an Activist and a Catalyst for Change for Good

As Engineers we have a responsibility to think and design more sustainability, to create products and solutions that enhance people's lives, and to share our knowledge with our peers and the future generation of engineers. Check out our manifesto which outlines our commitment to you #ActivistEngineering

We started out in 2010, so we have been here supporting Engineers ever since, and we are as passionate today as we were on that that first day when we first launched the DesignSpark Engineering Community all those years ago.

From that first year we know have over 1million Engineers who are part of our community

At the start of journey, we removed the barrier for engineers to get accessible PCB, and Mechanical Design software for free, and this is still the case today. As we have evolved, expanded, and developed our community to the ever-changing demands we have expanded this to include two Subscription tiers

We have a lot to offer you from you starting out as an Explorer where you do not need to pay, through to our Subscription tiers of Creator and Engineer which allows us to give you the right tools for the job no matter what you are working on or what professional level you are at you can access a suite of resources, which include:

  • Community Support via your peers or from technical experts.
  • Access Product & Part Information including Footprint and CAD Models
  • Improve your skills and learn something new
  • Looking for tips & tricks or how to guides in our skills & learning area
  • Make use of our videos for getting started for our software
  • Check out our FAQs can’t find an answer then ask a question in our forums
  • Looking to start your first design then check out our software
  • Want some inspiration we have plenty or articles and projects for you to read.

We are on a journey to making better things in a better way, and we will never stop working on making things easier for you to do the same.

… take a look around there is lots for you to see, do and use.