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Learn DesignSpark PCB

Get a handle on how to use your DesignSpark PCB software with our clear, in-depth tutorials. Following a simple and logical workflow, you can learn the ins and outs, taking in useful information as you go.

Cover everything from the basics of using your software to more complex subjects, such as understanding how to work with components or preparing your PCB for manufacture.

You might find it helpful to use our other resources to support your learning. We have a dedicated forum and plenty of articles to browse through. If you need more assistance, you can visit our FAQs page or raise a ticket with our expert team.


Get a head start on your journey from design to manufacture using our step-by-step tutorials for beginner, intermediate and advanced engineers

Getting started

Find out how to Download, install, and get logged into the software

Get started with PCB

Creating your PCB Design

Find out how to use features within the software to complete your project design

Creating your PCB Design


FAQs to help you get the most from your chosen subscription package and software
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DesignSpark PCB Community

Find inspiration, receive support and share your work with other DesignSpark PCB creators.