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Download & Installation

Check if your Windows system uses 32 or 64 bit
Windows 10 or 8
  1. Click Control panel
  2. Click System and security
  3. Click System
Windows 7 
  1. Click Start
  2. Right click Computer
  3. Click Properties



Admin rights

Contact your IT administrator if you do not have sufficient rights to install software


You may have to unzip the folder to access the install file, if no separate install file has been downloaded


Click the Install DesignSpark Mechanical or Installer file to begin installation, then follow the instructions to complete



You must have a DesignSpark account in order to use the software. Click the application on your desktop to register


Click the application on your desktop and login with your DesignSpark username and password


Amend your DesignSpark profile details (if necessary) and click ‘Register’ to proceed. At this stage, make sure you are connected to a non-workplace network so the software can contact our server and activate your copy of DesignSpark Mechanical.

Still having trouble?

Visit our Support Centre to find out how else we can help you