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Learn DesignSpark Mechanical

So you've downloaded your DesignSpark Mechanical software, what next? Here, you'll find our tutorials that teach you the fundamentals, right through to the more advanced stages of your project. You'll cover different elements of designing and editing CAD models.

If you want to enhance your learning further or communicate with other users of the software, we recommend visiting our forum or FAQs page. We also have helpful articles with updates and detailed guides.


Get your design-to-manufacture journey off to a flying start with our step-by-step beginner, intermediate, and expert tutorials.
Our tutorials are designed so that even those with limited CAD software experience will grasp the basics in no time. From creating your 3D design to preparing your 3D models for printing, we cover all the bases.

Find inspiration, receive support and share your work with other DesignSpark Mechanical creators.


FAQs to help you get the most from your chosen subscription package and software
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