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Latest Activity Stream

  • Andrew Back

    2 hours ago

    @alex_1024 that would mean interfering with the operation of the lighting system and we were not in a position to start mandating or making changes to this. Those simple/easy fixes are not always as simple...
  • metzindustries

    11 hours ago

    Actually opening dxf files in DesignSpark is quite easy, although a bit tedious.

    You need a copy of Sketchup and the dxf import plugin.

    Create new file in Sketchup, import...
  • Ne0Wind

    12 hours ago

    DXF is a useful format to bring stuff in from. Can DesignSpark Mechanical implement the importing of DXF's in a future release?
  • billysugga

    15 hours ago

    i am new to designspark and truly mirroring an object i believe is not possible. you can mirror lines by copying and flipping by rotation about an axis. but as i said i am new here so better wait for someone...
  • Anisah Shah

    20 hours ago

    Great article!


September 19, 2017 15:51

Rise of the Smart Cams

“They’re coming!” No, they’re already here. And get ready to see a lot more of them, as the hardware needed for a Smart Cam is becoming very affordable and its applications are near endless.

Related Image
Molex CES

Building and Home Automation

September 19, 2017 15:40

EU Construction Products Regulation - an explanation

All data and telecommunications cable, copper and fibre, supplied to EU member states and permanently installed in construction works, is subject to the rules of CPR from 1st July 2017. If you’d like to know more, Molex CES is here to help.

Related Image

LeakKiller Challenge

September 19, 2017 14:32

Changing the face of the insurance industry with open source IoT hardware

This month, DesignSpark and Legal & General launched the LeakKiller design challenge. This collaborative open-source hardware competition asks designers to come up with a solution to detect water leakage fast and stop it in its tracks.

Related Image
Mark Cundle


September 19, 2017 14:02

Augmented Reality in Engineering

Whilst there’s a huge amount of hype around Virtual Reality currently, led primarily by tech giants such as Google, Facebook and Sony; it is sometimes easy to overlook Augmented Reality. This article looks at the future of AR in engineering

Related Image
Connector Geek


September 18, 2017 15:03

Designing out contamination

Contamination can impact almost any kind of industrial process. Contamination can mean stopped production, followed by costly cleanup, loss of reputation and unhappy customers.

Related Image
Keysight Technologies EMEAI

Test and Measurement

September 18, 2017 13:31

How to Select Test Instrumentation for Temperature Profiling of Battery Charge and Discharge

Charge and discharge currents increase the temperature of the batteries and temperature directly affects the lifespan and storage capacity of batteries. Batteries tend to be efficient and provide a normal life.

Related Image
Keysight Technologies EMEAI

Test and Measurement

September 18, 2017 13:14

Keysight’s E36300 Series – The Next Generation Triple-Output Power Supplies

Get more from your power source with the surprising capabilities of Keysight’s New E36300 Series Triple Output Power Supplies.

Related Image

Electronics Design

September 18, 2017 13:03

Using PSoC to drive the past

Redesigning the drive electronics of a paper tape punch for Chip Hack EDSAC Challenge. In a previous post we described reverse-engineering a tape reader for the EDSAC Challenge. While a nice addition, a tape reader alone is of little use:

Related Image


September 18, 2017 12:42

Newsletter 18-09-17

This week, getting started with PSoC 6, New DS user manuals, optimising your RF and controlling your fans!

Related Image
Chester Hao


September 18, 2017 08:56

Wireless Power Transfer System for Rehabilitation - 1st Prototype Development

This is the article for development of the first prototype of the wireless power transfer system for rehabilitation. The first prototype is built to test the components and have a basic idea of the wireless power transfer system.

Related Image
Chester Hao


September 18, 2017 08:54

Wireless Power Transfer System for Rehabilitation

This project details how to build a wireless power transfer system using an inductive link for the rehabilitation of a patient with disabilities of the arm, shoulder and hand.

Related Image
Adrian Gurr


September 15, 2017 07:44

Great video application on the Artix-7 trainer board

Very high views on my last share for Adam's work, so as he's now posted a great video application on the Artix-7 trainer board from Digilent (RS Stock No134-6477), you might want to read this too. A.I., machine monitoring, security here we come!

Related Image