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Design and make things in 3D like never before. DesignSpark Mechanical is a free mechanical CAD software, which enables users to rapidly prototype or reverse engineer any physical object.

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Electrical Software

DesignSpark Electrical is our free electrical CAD software. This is a bespoke electrical CAD solution for engineering professionals looking to save time and create error-free designs.

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PCB Software

DesignSpark PCB is the world’s most accessible and comprehensive, full function, free electronics PCB design software, turning your circuit ideas into testable boards, faster.

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Obsolescence Manager

A free engineering resource specifically built to proactively manage component obsolescence risk across the RS range, providing alternative solutions to problem components

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    18 minutes ago

    Once all these harmful toxins get accumulated in the body, they can empty our body of energy and make us more susceptible to different type of health problems. Normal detox tools and treatments, like dry...
  • davecole

    6 hours ago

    @Pentode This article is about DesignSpark Mechanical...

    Isn't Labcenter Proteus a paid for piece of software so surely a comparison to a free piece of software isn't truly representative.
  • Pentode

    4 days ago

    I tried design Spark a couple of times and I found it too cumbersome and tying so much so I have removed it and reverted back to Labcenter Proteus.

    With Design Spark there are 'rituals'...

    6 days ago

    thanks..for your huge contribution to the electronic world..
  • Bill Marshall

    1 week ago

    @slyworme Quite right. Long before 'Artificial Intelligence' there existed 'Malevolent Intelligence' in all prototype hardware (and software).... :-)


July 27, 2017 11:51

Quiet Powerful Efficiency from ebm-papst - the new 4300N Series Compact Axial Fan

In keeping with ebm-papst GreenTech philosophy, every new product shall be economically and ecologically superior to its predecessor; ebm-papst have enhanced and expanded the range of its popular Multi-fan compact axial fan series: 4300N

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July 27, 2017 08:50

Work experience at RS: thoughts and summary

The first thing that I did upon arriving at RS Components was have a tour of the office.

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Development Kits

July 27, 2017 08:22

Design your own HMI using the RX71M Revelation Kit GAPI Journey Document for free

The Revelation Kit is an ideal platform to design your GUI (Graphical User Interface). But if you have never designed a GUI yet, you may find challenges on the way. The GAPI Journey document guides you in a step by step manner to your own GUI design.

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July 27, 2017 07:51

6 of the Best PCB Reference Designs

We have a terrific collection of DesignSpark PCB reference designs for you to download and modify to your heart's content.

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July 27, 2017 07:48

Exoskeletons, making light of it

The use of exoskeletons is growing, from helping people carry a heavy load to easing the muscular stress of repetitive tasks. We take a look at some of the designs and companies out there.

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Development Kits

July 27, 2017 07:46

Getting Started with Xilinx Zynq, All Programmable System-On-Chip (SoC)

First experience to use Xilinx Vivado IP and SDK to build the project on Xilinx Zynq which integrates a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor with Xilinx field programmable gate array (FPGA). Implement the design on Digilent ZYBO, a Zynq FPGA board,

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Blog 2: Developing Poddy McPodface - Hyperloop prototype for SpaceX competition

This article speaks about HypED Team and their effort to develop the first British Hyperloop prototype. The team will be heading to California later in August to test the prototype at SpaceX Hyperloop track.

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July 26, 2017 14:01

6 things you might have missed in July

A mixture of holidays and conferences mean it's even more likely you missed some of the exciting things going on in the world of technology. Check out this post for the latest technology you dont want to miss.

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July 25, 2017 10:32

Is Your Arduino Fast Enough For Your Neopixel Or Dotstar Application?

Neopixels and Dotstars from Adafruit are popular addressable LED arrays and chains. The serial protocols used are at the limit of what basic Arduinos can manage. The ShieldBuddy with its 3 200MHz CPUs can drive multiple arrays genuinely in parallel.

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Adrian Gurr

Electronics Design

July 25, 2017 10:02

Software & Maintenance Engineers! - upgrade to Segger Flash Super Heroes

With just a couple of cables, and the latest Flasher Portable PLUS, the intrepid engineering hero can upgrade or repair software on the vast majority of the Worlds microcontrollers

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July 25, 2017 08:49

Cornwall and the Digital Revolution: The Software Story

Cornwall is enjoying a Digital boom. West Cornwall is the second fastest growing digital hub in the country. Belinda Waldock will launch a series of talks with an overview of the Cornish Software sector.

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Raspberry Pi

July 25, 2017 08:44

Alexa And Pi, Please.

So you have a Pi-Top and want to get Alexa up and running? Or maybe you already have a Raspberry Pi 3 and you want to get Alexa on that instead? If you have a pi-topPULSE it is a pretty simple task to get Alexa. This article shows you how.

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