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3D Printing and Design

3D printing goes hand in hand with the design process, visualising a concept, you can use a design tool such as DesignSpark Mechanical to create a 3D image of your idea. Once you are confident that a prototype is your next step, using DesignSpark Mechanical you can create an STL file for a 3D printer to interpret and print your design using one of the many 3D printers available, such as those that can be found at RS Components.

If you are a professional engineer, 3D printing and design methodology can bring your creations to production faster and can be an ideal tool for producing prototypes to show to potential manufacturers.

If you are a hobbyist it can be a means of creating interest fun projects, or if you simply want to design a custom case for your mobile phone, the concept is the same. Whatever reason you have for your design concept, there is only room for its improvement with 3D printing and design.

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    There is a program on Windows called 'Snipping Tool'. Find it by clicking the Windows icon (bottom left) scroll down to Windows Accessories - Snipping tool
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    @JACANT...... I am trying to remove the line left by the round over tool .
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    An image would be good to explain exactly what you are trying to achieve.

    Are you drawing the 'round' in 2D?
    If you have extra lines that are not needed then use the 'Trim' tool.

.Rsdoc to .step file

Hello, I have a small design (30×15×15mm) in .rsdoc file, I need to convert it to a


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3D printing would allow players to truly personalise footwear like never before. The technology would enable boots to be created from a scan of a players’ foot, providing a perfect fit and improved control.

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