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How do I create a perfectly round shape for my 3D printing using DSM?

Using DesignSpark Mechanical to create a file to use in a 3D printer is a great idea, but what if you can’t seem to make those round shapes round when you need to? Why not ask the community?  Wes did, and he got the help he needed to solve his tricky design issue.

My 3D prints are not round!


Hello, I am having a technical issue with my drawings that I export out of DesignSpark as .stl files.  When I print a circle or cylinder it is not actually a round object.  I have .stl files from other programs which print round shapes with no problem at all.  Does anyone know why this is happening? 

The cylinder on the right is not printing out round, this was drawn in DesignSpark Mechanical.


Here are items (below) I created in CAD.  The cylinders printed perfectly round.



The resolution for the mesh can be set in:

File - Designspark Options - File Options - STL.

The Deviation and Angle can be changed.

You can also get to this on the 'Save As'  Window in Options.

As you can see in the image below from left to right.

Coarse - Medium - Fine - Custom

The Custom setting, in this case, is-  Deviation 0.25 - Angle 2°

The image below was taken in Netfabb. WYSIWYG  It reverts




Thanks! You are right!  I minimized the export settings to smaller than fine and I get perfectly round prints now.  This seems to maximize the facet output of the .stl file. 


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