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Supercharge Your Inventiveness

Become a DesignSpark Engineer and make incredible things happen. Access a comprehensive design package that’s got everything for the professional designer and their team including feature enriched DesignSpark Mechanical and DesignSpark PCB tools.


DesignSpark Mechanical – a direct modeller that requires no prior experience with 3D CAD software and allows you to freely create and modify geometry. Also includes a 3D Mirror tool and detailing tools to annotate parts and create manufacturing drawings. Exchange designs with SOLIDWORKS®, CATIA™ and AutoCAD® users in STEP, IGES, DXF and DWG formats.

DesignSpark PCB – Advanced feature set which allow you to use blind and buried vias for high density PCB design, custom pad shapes, differential pair routing for high-speed signals, panel editor, hierarchical schematic blocks and much more.

DesignSpark Circuit Simulator – design and simulate your circuit ideas to ensure fast and error-free prototyping. You can simulate a design for up to 60 minutes with DesignSpark Creator and Engineer. Create your designs, collaborate with other users and in private groups.

Skills and Learning

Access a growing vault of learning materials:

Written tutorials – step-by-step guides on making best use of the advanced features of the DesignSpark PCB and DesignSpark Mechanical tool in this subscription plus other design resources

Videos – demos of advanced design applications within our software to help progress your expertise further

User guides – a complete manual so you can make full ue of our advanced features in our design software in this subscription

Tips and tricks – design resources, contributed by DesignSpark and community experts on the most advanced design techniques covering a wide range of topics and themes

Product & Part Information

2D and 3D CAD part libraries – access 100 million+ 3D Models as well as 2D Symbols for electronic circuit design, these are manufactured approved and hosted by leading catalogue providers.

Parts intelligence – Even more data accessible for 1 billion parts, Average lead times, Export Compliance HTTS, EECN, Country of origin, temperature grade, Last time buy including PCN/EOL notifications and Product alternatives

Community & Support

Support – reach out via our public forums for any Engineering questions. Can't find what you need? then contact our Engineering team and get one to one support

Discover – premium content from leading suppliers that will inspire, inform, educate, and enable you to design faster and more effectively

FAQs – we answer the burning questions from our DesignSpark community along with troubleshooting tips to help elevate your engineering game

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DesignSpark Engineer subscription

When like minds collide, incredible things happen! Let your ideas run free with a professional design package to help you and your team grow your business.

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