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Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is the most popular series of British computers ever made. Created to help educate the next generation of programmers and engineers the world over, it has been widely adopted by makers, hackers and hobbyists for a multitude of projects. Raspberry Pi is also an ideal rapid prototyping platform for professional engineers and is also being integrated into more and more commercial and Industrial applications.

Developed by the Raspberry Pi foundation, the latest Raspberry Pi computer features a powerful quad core ARM Cortex processor, including integrated wireless LAN and Bluetooth, USB and HDMI ports. Easily accessible GPIO pinouts open up the platform to a whole host of impressive add-ons boards. All of this is packed onto a single PCB no bigger than a credit card. Explore the many varied and exciting possibilities of this fantastic single board computer today.

Our Raspberry Pi Tech Hub is full of useful Raspberry Pi based information, from getting started to maker projects and commercial applications.

Feature Articles

Interfacing hardware with the Raspberry Pi

An exploration of GPIO pins, LED and switch control.

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Add Powered by Raspberry Pi to your product

If your product contains a Raspberry Pi why not give it the added edge of the official seal of approval. Powered By Raspberry Pi shows the world that your product meets the criteria set down by the Raspberry Pi foundation.

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New pi-top launched – get yours now

Get your hands on the brand new pi-top available from RS Components now. The latest pi-top provides more power and comes complete with inventor’s kit and full ecosystem to enable learning about coding and physical computing.

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I’ve Got a Prototype, What Next?

So you’ve bodged and bolted together working prototype and have proven the concept to friends and family. What’s next? How do you get this from your shed to the shops? This article lays down the roadmap for your next 6 months.

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Feature Projects

Nocturnal Wildlife Watching with Pi NoIR

Using the new Raspberry Pi camera for time-lapse photography of creatures that move in the night.

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A Raspberry Pi-powered Radio 4 appliance

Using a Raspberry Pi to build an Internet radio that only receives BBC Radio 4.

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Fed up of waiting in the rain for your bus? Get distracted by emails and social media when you check the bus times app on your phone? #WhereIsMyBus is designed for you!

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Raspbian Jessie Lite on a New Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3

Those industrious folks at the Raspberry Pi Foundation have been hard at it, developing the next generation of the Raspberry Pi Compute Module called the Compute Module 3, or CM3 for short. “What can we expect from this next gen Compute Module?”

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  • 2 weeks ago

    Also, the code in the link you gave is controlling pin 12, but you are connecting to pin 21, so you won't see any change regardless of what you do. (From what I saw on a quick check on the web, only pin...
  • 2 weeks ago

    @Boss yes i check the link and code my main question how to led on and off each one second using python
  • 2 weeks ago

    Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) can be used to control the speed of dc motors or the brightness of LEDs. BUT, the format used for driving a hobby servomotor isn't much use for either. A servomotor PWM signal...
  • 2 weeks ago

    I'm interested in learning Python so had a look at the link, but this seems to go to a servo drive which I don't think will work with a LED especially as it has a 1 second sleep between the pulses. Can...
  • 2 weeks ago


Raspberry Pi

February 11, 2019 08:53

Hurdle Detecting Robot Using Raspberry Pi

In this article, I will discuss the Raspberry Pi-Based Obstacle Avoiding Robot with Ultrasonic Sensor and Python language.

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