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New Raspberry Pi Camera Module Kits and Lenses!

DesignSpark Brand continues to expand its range of quality products, this time we have released a range of exciting camera modules and lenses designed and built to work with your Raspberry Pi photography and video projects. And, on top of that, some of these unique lenses can help bring the exciting world of VR to your Raspberry Pi!

Raspberry Pi Camera Module Kits with IR Filter or NoIR Filter


The Standard and NoIR Camera Module Kits

If you want to provide your Raspberry Pi with the power of High Definition Virtual Reality video these DesignSpark camera modules and lenses are just what you have been looking for. Both camera modules offer a full HD experience (1920x1080) and incorporate a Sony IMX219PQ sensor, which is a CMOS active pixel type with a square pixel array and 8.08M of effective pixels. They are both fixed focus, however, you can adjust the focus using the mounting bezel if required.

Both Module kits are supplied pre-assembled and contain the Raspberry Pi V2 camera, an M12 mount and a 220˚ fisheye lens. These two cameras enable you to create great Virtual Reality video, day or night (model depending) and you only need to shoot once to produce half-sphere imagery and by using a converting website you can experience your movies in VR!

What’s the difference between the two camera module kits?

(184-3079) - RP-VC1, this camera module is ideal for daytime video and photography and has a 220˚, fisheye IR cut filter lens fitted.

(184-3078) - RP-VC1N is the NoIR variant, designed primarily for night-time photography or video and comes with a 220˚, fisheye lens fitted with a blue light filter.

Note: An infrared illuminator will be required for effective night time photography.

These quality camera modules will work with all model variants of the Raspberry Pi and are also suitable for general video shooting and photography creation via your Raspberry Pi when used with the multitude of lenses that can be found further down the page. You are sure to find the perfect camera and lens combination to fulfil your Raspberry Pi video and photography needs!

Camera Kit Contents:

  • Raspberry Pi V2 camera module
  • Preassembled M12 lens mounting hardware
  • 220˚ fisheye lens


  • Image resolution 3280x2464 (8.08 megapixels)
  • Full HD (1920x1080) at 30 frames a second
  • Sensor type –Sony IMx219PQ
  • Sensor Size ¼ inch
  • Weight 14g
  • (167-5922) RP-VC1 supplied with IR Cut Filter lens
  • (163-3895) RP-VC1N supplied with Blue filter lens

How do you change the lens?

The DesignSpark Camera Module Lenses

A comprehensive range of lenses, suitable for photography and video purposes in both daylight, where you would choose an IR cut filter lens, and at night where you will need a blue light filter lens. Created for use with the DesignSpark range of camera modules and V2 camera adaptor kits. Remember: An infrared illuminator will be required for effective night time photography.

98˚ Wide Angle Lens


  • (163-3903) RP-L98 IR Filter
  • (163-3905) RP-L98N Blue Light Filter
  • Aperture F2.72
  • Field of view – 98˚
  • 4 element lens – 3 glass, 1 plastic
  • Image circle – 4.52mm diameter
  • Focal length 2.91mm
  • Mount type M12
  • Lens diameter 14mm

165˚ Wide Angle Lens


  • (163-3901) RP-L165 IR Filter
  • (163-3902) RP-L165N Blue Light Filter
  • Aperture F2.83
  • Field of view – 165˚
  • 6 element lens – All glass
  • Image circle – 4.90mm diameter
  • Focal length 1.82mm
  • Mount type M12
  • Lens diameter 14mm

195˚ Wide Angle Fisheye Lens


  • (163-3899) RP-L195 IR Filter
  • (163-3900) RP-L195N Blue Light Filter
  • Aperture F2.47
  • Field of view – 195˚
  • 8 element lens – All glass
  • Image circle - 2.96mm diameter
  • Focal length 0.92mm
  • Mount type M12
  • Lens diameter 15mm

220˚ Wide Angle Fisheye Lens



  • (163-3896) RP-L220 IR Filter
  • (163-3898) RP-L220NBlue Light Filter
  • Aperture F2.1
  • Field of view – 220˚
  • 6 element lens - 2 glass and 4 plastic
  • Image circle - 2.80mm diameter
  • Focal length 0.79mm
  • Mount type M12
  • Lens diameter 16mm

Already Own a V2 Camera?


If you already have a Raspberry Pi V2 camera module you can still take advantage of the great range of lenses available from DesignSpark by utilising these two modification kits. These kits allow you to modify your existing V2 and V2 NoIR cameras to accept the entire range of the DesignSpark Raspberry Pi camera lenses, it’s as easy as that to expand your photography and video capture horizons! All of the component parts required to modify your existing V2 camera, be that NoIR or standard, are included in each of the kits.

Raspberry Pi V2 Camera Modification Kits

  • (167-5919) RP-MK1 Mod kit with IR cut filter for standard V2 camera
  • (167-5921) RP-MK1N Mod kit with blue light filter, designed for the V2 NoIR camera.

Please note: the Raspberry Pi V2 and Pi V2 NoIR Cameras are not included.

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