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Mindful Droid: Vlog 9 - Redesigning the Mindful Droid

Building Mindful Droid: Exploring Modularity and Sensor Integration

In our ongoing journey to create Mindful Droid, we've been exploring exciting ways to make this innovative project even more accessible and user-friendly. Today, we'll take you behind the scenes as we delve into the world of modularity and sensor integration.

Taking inspiration from ESDK Kit:

One of the main inspirations for the design approach came from the ESDK kit. I was intrigued by how easy it was to assemble and disassemble, much like playing with LEGO bricks. This modularity not only makes the ESDK kit user-friendly but also highly adaptable. I aim to replicate this user-friendliness in Mindful Droid.

LEGO-Like Assembly:

The vision for Mindful Droid involves creating a system where users can easily piece together the various components, similar to assembling LEGO blocks. Imagine sensors and modules snapping into place effortlessly, making it a user-friendly and intuitive experience.

To make this vision a reality, I've been taking apart sensors to understand their inner workings and spatial requirements. By deconstructing sensors like the ESDK kit, I gain insights into how these components can be accommodated within the Mindful Droid's design.

Mindful Droid - LEGO-Like Assembly

Potential Challenges:

Sensor and PCB Design:

One of my main challenges is optimising the design of the PCB (printed circuit board) to accommodate various components like pixel displays, batteries, and sensors for measuring CO2, NO2, PM2.5, and more. The goal is to create a layout that efficiently utilises space and ensures a snug fit for all components. One key hurdle is accurately specifying and outsourcing the right components, which can be overwhelming given the wide range of electrical parts. This complexity becomes even more critical as I aim to keep the project cost-effective and open-source. However, this modular approach allows the project to scale up and integrate different sensors as needed.

Another challenge faced is finding the right size for the overall assembly. While the idea of a massive "Mindful Droid" resembling the ESDK kit is interesting, practically it may require a smaller, more manageable design. Nevertheless, exploring the concept of a bigger Mindful Droid remains an exciting side project to consider when time permits.


My ultimate objective is to standardize the PCB boards' layout for sensor placement, making it easy for customisation, efficient space utilisation, and the addition of extra sensors according to user preferences. This approach ensures seamless integration of other essential components such as batteries and processing units.

As I progress through the project, I will continually refine and test the redesigned or outsourced sensors and PCB boards. This iterative process will help explore the functional possibilities and fine-tune the final shape of the Mindful Droid.

In conclusion

I'm enthusiastic about the modularity and user-friendliness that the Mindful Droid promises to offer. Inspired by the ESDK kit, my mission is to create a device that not only raises awareness about air quality but also encourages users to engage with the assembly process in a fun and interactive way.

So far it's been an interesting run managing this all by myself so I extend a warm invitation to anyone skilled in PCB design, embedded systems or interested in joining or supporting the Mindful Droid project, to please get in touch and be part of this exciting endeavour - I welcome any ideas, comments, guides, tips or suggestion.

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Michael is an Industrial Design Engineer, Maker and winner of the Young Innovators Award 2021, with over 9 years experience working in various industry sectors. Having a problem solving background, he is always enthusiastic about finding solutions to problems that challenge everyday living. His key focus points are inclusivity, functionality with consciousness, and sustainability.