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The Interactive Air Quality Map: Vlog 9 - Street Interviews

I conducted a street test of my modified ESDK (Environmental Sensing Development Kit) in Lagos to see air quality variations in different areas. During the test, I interviewed random Lagosians, asking about their opinions and experiences with air pollution.

These were the most shared opinions:

  1. Mention of slums: Many people brought up the issue of slums scattered around Lagos, where extremely poor residents live near large waste dumping grounds. The strong smells generated by these areas are noticeable from miles away, making them a significant source of air pollution in Lagos.
  2. Improper waste disposal: Several interviewees mentioned that household waste is not properly disposed of, with many people attempting to burn materials that ought to be properly disposed of or recycled.

ESDK - Mobile Air Quality Logger on the streets of Lagos

I also visited Apapa, an industrial region in Lagos, I noticed numerous poorly kept trucks lined up, waiting for their turn to be dispatched. These trucks, with their high carbon footprints, emit black carbon into nearby residential areas when they depart in large groups, raising concerns about the health of local residents. The situation in Apapa highlights the importance of having reliable data to properly understand and address air pollution issues.

Follow Ahmed's weekly progress in developing the Interactive Air Quality Map 2.0 across Lagos.

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