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The Interactive Air Quality Map: Vlog 6 - Unboxing the Sensirion Air Quality Sensor

The SEN55 sensor is fascinating due to its ability to detect various air quality parameters in a compact package measuring just 53x43x23. It can effectively measure particulate matter, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), oxidizing gases such as nitrogen oxides (NOx), as well as humidity and temperature. Considering the multitude of air quality data points it covers, its small form factor is highly impressive and will be a significant advantage for the portability of the mobile air quality logger I am designing.

Integrating this sensor into the mobile loggers also appears to be a straightforward process. It features an i2C interface, which simplifies the necessary connection and communication. I will be conducting tests on the sensor later on to verify its compatibility with my design. Fortunately, Sensirion has provided ample documentation and sample code, which would really help.

Unpacking the Sensirion Air Quality Sensor

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