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Michael Omotosho: Mindfuldroid

Hi DesignSpark, my name is Michael, I'm a Design Engineer and Industrial Designer with over 7 years of experience working in various sectors such as Automotive, Food, Medical and Tech. Basically, I'm a problem solver and love finding solutions to problems that challenge everyday living. Within my activities, I ensure that key focus points are inclusivity and functionality with consciousness on sustainability.

My air quality project aims to tackle a very real and serious issue for everyone faced with urban living. But to give an interface that allows for easy understanding and for real-time corrective and preventative actions to be taken by fossil fuel vehicle users.

Project Title: MindfulDroid

Have a Fun option where the Droid shakes head when driving is deemed unsafe or head dances when a certain score has been achieved. E.g JIMU Robot - Meebot 2.0


Being a parent comes with challenges and responsibilities and with that, there is something about “preserving the next generation” that makes us think more about the kind of place we are leaving for them to inherit and live in.

Study shows that Air pollution is likely to cause up to 6m premature births, and it is also the 'greatest risk' to global life expectancy.

Case study:

Ella Kissi-Debrah schoolgirl died after an asthma attack following multiple seizures and hospital admissions. Her death was linked to being exposed to nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter (PM) pollution in excess of WHO guidelines, the principal source of which were traffic emissions.

Until now, the statistics on air pollution deaths have been presented on a page that estimates between 28,000 and 36,000 people will die as a result of toxic air pollution every year in the UK.


Make a Mindful Droid school commute robot display that encourages skilful driving for parents, along with walking and cycling to school with kids.

Aim To:

  • Help parents become better drivers releasing fewer Emissions, pollution and noise in schools and other places.
  • Alert driver through an accelerometer sensor when over-revving, staying idle or changing gear at high rpm.
  • Give updates on weekly or monthly points/high scores after trips
  • See how many points you get by driving safely and still getting on time to school • Provide data on conscious driving, walking, and cycling by providing stats on reduced household/ personal emission percentage and encouraging both parents and kids to participate.
  • Have Droid attached on the vehicle dashboard, helping drivers be more conscious and mindful behind the wheel during vehicle handling, with subtle flashing light indicators during severe vehicle handling.
  • Monitoring the journeys made by vehicles, walks and cycling from home to school and back.
  • Providing trivia facts on display about Driving/ Air Pollution.

E.g if you accelerate this fast you are producing this amount of emission.

40% of car journeys in England are less than 2 miles etc.


BOM approx.

  • Accelerometer sensor MMA8452
  • Arduino UNO
  • Gps Module notifier
  • LED Generic
  • Soldering iron (generic)
  • Jumper wires
  • Wire stripper
  • Gps Module - NEO-6M GPS Module
  • 3d Printed Droid case/chassis


  • Being Fun and not complicated with all features and data on Droid.
  • Time constraint on research and coding to get desired results.


  • My hope is that this concept idea is that it would get positive feedback and reception from Ellas’ mum on how this can help prevent other Air pollution deaths.
  • Schools and Parents see the benefit of having the MindfulDroid as a fun way to educate the hazards of Air Pollution.

Follow the Mindful Droid Air Quality Project:

  • Part 1: Introduction and Design
  • Part 2: Mindful Droid 2.0 - Build Guide
  • Part 3: Final Build Assembly
  • Video: Traffic pollution and the school run
Michael is an Industrial Design Engineer, Maker and winner of the Young Innovators Award 2021, with over 9 years experience working in various industry sectors. Having a problem solving background, he is always enthusiastic about finding solutions to problems that challenge everyday living. His key focus points are inclusivity, functionality with consciousness, and sustainability.