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Air Quality project interview - traffic pollution and the school run

If you have been following the DesignSpark air quality projects from our team of influencers then you'll be aware that each has there own story to tell. Activist Engineering is behind the statements that our team of influencers hope to make with their own individual projects.

In this interview, we catch up with Michael Omotosho whose project is looking at a passive but informative approach to highlight the traffic levels and pollution that our children face on a twice-daily basis, for parents and carers this is known as the dreaded school run.

What we can take from Michael's project is that activist engineering can use readily available technology to highlight issues around air pollution, in a non-aggressive way.

Also, DesignSpark thinks that this type of project and product has the potential to deliver a powerful message, locally, nationally and globally. After all, what better approach is there than using those who are going to be affected the most by this type of pollution as the main data source? Its true information can enact change, if these last couple of years have told us anything, it's that data is not just the only key to bringing about change, our individual and societal actions need to be willing also.

But these are just our thoughts, we'd love it if you could share yours, let us know what you think in the comments below.

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