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The Interactive Air Quality Map: Vlog 11 - Considering the types of sensors to use in the design

In this vlog, I simply answer the question of why a general-purpose gas sensor is not ideal for the IAQM’s logger design.

While air quality sensors like the MICS-5524 are good for answering the general question of whether the air quality is bad or not, they don’t provide metrics on a per gas/pollutant basis, so there is usually no way to tell how different pollutants contribute to the overall air quality.

To address this while also keeping in mind that sensor size and cost are also factors, I found a range of electrochemical gas sensors from Spec. Because all these sensors are quite small and have the same footprint, they are a good fit for the logger and the various configurations it could have in the future, in terms of swapping out the sensors.

CO – Carbon Monoxide sensor from Spec

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