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Mindful Droid: Vlog 6 - Everyday Challenges

In our busy lives, finding a balance between our dreams and responsibilities can be tough. This struggle hits close to home with the Mindfuldroid project.

Finding time for the project has been a challenge I must admit. Between work and travel, it's been hard to focus on my main goals. Plus, other important parts of life, like family and personal time, can get in the way. Working from home also blurs the lines between work and personal life, making it trickier.

Adding to the mix is a big change – moving house. It's exciting, but it makes things even more complex.

So lately, I've found myself reacting to situations more than taking charge. I'm eager for moments to dive into the project and connect with others who share the vision. The heart of the project is about bringing mindfulness, awareness and joy to people, especially kids. But progress has been slower than hoped.

The journey has been slow and a bit frustrating. Even though I can't see the results yet, the commitment remains strong.

These challenges remind me that every journey has bumps. What's crucial is keeping up the effort, even when things move slower than we want.

Thanks for joining me on this journey. We all face challenges, but that's part of reaching for something great. So, with renewed energy, I look forward to making things happen and progressing quickly with the Mindful droid. 

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Michael is an Industrial Design Engineer, Maker and winner of the Young Innovators Award 2021, with over 9 years experience working in various industry sectors. Having a problem solving background, he is always enthusiastic about finding solutions to problems that challenge everyday living. His key focus points are inclusivity, functionality with consciousness, and sustainability.