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Smart Glacier / An educational AQ Controller

Hey DesignSpark ! 

I am Manuel, an industrial designer from Argentina.

At the moment, I´m working in a packing machine factory, in which I'm incharg of the design and manufacturing of component parts using 3D printing and technical drawings.

At the same time, I work freelance for different clients around the world and as a creative, I love to make my own products. Some of them are for the current market and others are just for experimentation. I invite you to check my work on Instagram and Behance.

In the video below I would like to present my idea for the Air Quality Project activities taking place on DesignSpark.

Are you using natural gas to heat your home in winter?

Do you know an incorrectly installed, or poorly maintained gas boiler can have serious and fatal consequences for you and your family? CO is a silent killer that is colourless, tasteless and odourless. My melting glacier project will detect if something is going wrong and at what time.

The glacier melting and collapsing represents a visible transformation of material. Like O2 is transformed into CO by ineffective combustion. Ice is converted to water by heat.

Key materials / BOM

Arduino one — $17

Miniature Solenoid Valve 12V — $ 4

Monoxide carbon sensor MQ9 — $15

Misc: Connectors, 3D printing, solderable, protoboard — $25

Total BOM + 15% contingency = $70

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Personal story

Every winter thousands of people around the world have problems with CO intoxications. This problematic situation can be really dangerous. If the exposure to this gas is too long it can induce headaches, decreased mental alertness, drowsiness, dizziness, nausea, vomiting and ultimately death. The final purpose of this project is completely educational, is to make more awareness of this lethal problem that can happen at home.

In Argentina, at the moment the 60% of houses have access to natural gas. The rest are using other methods like bottled gas or fireplaces that increase the chances of possible accidents.

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Hey there ! I´m Manuel, an industrial designer from Argentina. I´m here giving my proposal for the air quality project: The smart glacier is a device that can alert you when the air quality of the place you are in is going wrong thru different behaviours, melt and colapse.