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Building and Home Automation

Building and Home Automation

Take intelligent sensors, smartphones, smaller scale PLC’s and mix together with IoT and PC control, and hey presto you have the basic ingredients contributing to the increase in home automation.

We don’t have to wait, the smart home of the future is now upon us, innovators are taking all that building automation provides and moving it to the home environment.

Whilst smart buildings and new technologies are changing the way we work, it’s also apparent that technology is transferring the way we live. Home automation is more prevalent each passing year and is constantly evolving, in fact in today’s world, you don’t have to be home to be home.

Both the way we are using and interacting with technology is unrecognisable today compared to the world our parents inhabited. Our environmental wellbeing can be automated in advance, so when we arrive home we find the heating set to right temperature and rooms sufficiently lit.


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