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Ask the Expert - Industrial Cyber Security with Phoenix Contact

In this edition of Ask the Expert, we are joined by Gareth Chamberlin from Phoenix Contact to discuss industrial cybersecurity. 

We take a look at how freely available, the information is that can be used to find open networks and vulnerable installations. Plus also why a top-down approach to cybersecurity needs to be established.

As we become more connected in the industrial world the threat of attacks needs to be diminished. We need to apply the same principles to security in the OT world as we do in the IT world. Gareth explains how best practice starts with simple things like restricting access to control cabinets, whilst ensuring that all remote access points are protected from cyber-attacks.

1) With the rise of an ever-increasing interconnected world, there are certain aspects we need to be aware of and mitigate against. Namely cyber threats, how is this playing out in the industrial world? Answer

2) Could an attack on an office computer or networked piece of equipment filter through to the Industrial Control System. If so, what would this mean? Answer

3) What is the impact of an infected ICS? Answer

4) How easy is it to exploit an open network and secondly are there individual actions that can cause a system to become open? Answer

5) What first steps would you advise for cybersecurity? Answer

6) How can you check whether you have open IP addresses and if your system is vulnerable? Answer

7) The site you are showing us clearly indicates that many installations are open, but why do these sites exist? Answer

8) How do Phoenix Contact approach Cybersecurity? Answer

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