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Ask the Expert - Is it time to rethink the PLC?

PLCnext from Phoenix Contact makes its presence known. Whatever you may have been expecting we're sure you'll be surprised with the whole package that Phoenix Contact has put behind PLCnext.

PLCnext starter kit

In this edition of Ask the Expert, we are in conversation with Tony Deane to discuss how PLCnext differs from traditional PLC's. We cover how it meets existing industrial programming languages and why it's attractive to the growing generation of coders and how it offers a new approach for industrial control by bringing the OT and IT worlds closer. Then there is the whole topic of the support ecosystem that Phoenix Contact has put in place to bring you the PLCnext community.

Why not check out the starter kit (205-5854) plus the highly active PLCnext community that Tony mentions in the video, here's the link. Plus there is PLCnext store which provides software, libraries, apps and lots more.

PLCnext community


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PLCnext the control platform for the future.

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