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PAN1770 BLE® data throughput rate and metal enclosures?

A short test on some facts – and one solution

As developers and engineers, you are familiar with the challenges that arise and understand the power when metal enclosures or housings shield or disrupt a decent flow of BLE data throughput.

Join us for the following video on a short investigative journey as we uncover the complexities of BLE performance when faced with metal enclosures. Learn more about Panasonic Industry’s PAN1770, a BLE® transceiver module equipped with an external uFL connector.

We don’t want to spoil the exact test results - but watch the PAN1770's readiness for an external antenna triumph over this challenge, and might be the solution for whatever you’re up to with your metal-shielded application concepts!

Have a look:


You need an external antenna? Please think about the effects on regulatory requirements! While PAN1770 integrates the Nordic Semiconductor nRF52840 it includes a uFL connector allowing to mount different antenna types featuring different antenna gains. The current certification includes a terminal antenna from Pulse (W1030) in combinaton with a TE connectivity cable. 

Further antennas and antenna types can be added on request. 

Order number

ENW89854C1KF (Standard) (251-7017)


Production status Mass production
RF category Bluetooth® 5.3Low Energy, IEEE® 802.15.4, NFC
Software/profile Nordic Connect SDK
Used IC nRF52840
Rx sensitivity -95 dBm @1Mb/s,-103 dBm @125kb/s
Tx power max +8 dBm
Antenna option uFL Connector
Size (l x w x h) [mm] 15.6 x 8.7 x 2.0
Power supply [V] 1.7 to 5.5
Power consumption Tx 4.8 mA @0dBm (3.3V)
Power consumption Rx 4.8 mA (3.3V)
Power consumption sleep <1 µA
Interfaces GPIO, UART, QSPI, I2C, I2S, PDM, ADC, PWM, NFC-A, USB2.0
Microcontroller ARM® Cortex®-M4F
Memory 1MB Flash and 256kB RAM
Speciality Integrated 32kHZ Crystal
Certification CE RED / FCC / ISED / Wirepas
Operating temperature -40 to +85 °C
Standard packaging QTY 1500 pcs

Important to consider while adding an external antenna: The system output power.
Different regions or countries allow different output power from a regulatory point of view:

Maximum Output Power

The system output power consists of module output power, cable loss and antenna gain. 

In the setting shown above, a maximum system output power of 9,85dBM can be achieved while still complying with european CE RED regulation.  

For the end product certification, Panasonic Industry provides all required certification documents and test reports, e.g. for Radio, EMC, Safety and Health. 

Learn more under:

PAN1770 (nRF52840) | Panasonic Industry Europe GmbH 
Revision 2 - Wireless Connectivity Development Hub ( 

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