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What is RS University?

RS University is an initiative for academia created by RS Components to support the engineers of tomorrow. Our mission is to enhance the educators’ ability to teach, enable their students’ to learn, and together share innovation which creates the future.



Teaching materials


Our workshop materials should never be confused with commercial training. They have been created by academics who are experts in the field, giving the quickest path to effective classes. Supplied in both .pdf and source (.ppt & .doc) formats, Educators can customise the content to suit their classes.


Helping Students develop the practical skills to tackle real-world problems, these materials provide a detailed look into PCB design, schematic capture & mechanical design. They are free of charge to all registered RS University members.


Our educator-focussed materials are free-of-charge to registered RS University members, and are based on a genuine appreciation of their users needs, providing practical solutions to the needs of Engineering Education. Covering the DesignSpark range of tools, these materials are bespoke to the needs of Educators.

Seamless integration into existing design workflows

Engineering teachers face difficult choices when choosing suitable tools for their students:
• Cost
• Ease of use
• Widely used
• Industry reputation
• Available teaching materials

RS University has been founded with a genuine appreciation of these critical choices. Let us help you with a few pointers on why our DesignSpark tools are ideal for education.

Infographic Created with Sketch. Mechanical CAD Electrical CAD RS University Community website RS toolbox ECAD part wizard Product data library Electronic PCB CAD

DesignSpark PCB and DesignSpark Mechanical…going back to school

This article takes a look at how DesignSpark user Ten22 learnt 3D and PCB design in just one day. Attending our workshop took him from simple design to complex geometry in a matter of hours.

The first RS University Shop

See how we are finding innovative ways to serve the needs of young Engineers. The RS Shop puts component choice, costing and sourcing in the hands of students. It breaks the traditional lab delays and staff overload, by training students how to run a development project.

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