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Equate Wind Farm Project 2023

By Strathclyde Equate & Glasgow FemEng

Renewable energy is an increasingly essential aspect of our modern world, with finding sustainable and efficient sources of energy becoming crucial due to climate change and environmental concerns. In this regard, wind energy is of great importance, and that's why the annual windfarm design project is such a critical initiative. The Project connects students with industry to learn about the environmental, social, technical, and economic aspects of on and offshore wind turbines. As well as educating them in industry software, the development of project proposal and presentation skills.

40 students will work in teams to develop a windfarm proposal which they will present in-person, and then post here, on DesignSpark for our community, for the chance to win the “RS Grass Roots Education Award”.

Join us in supporting the project by helping us select the winning team!

Check back between 2nd and 9th June 2023 to vote for your favourite windfarm.
Voting is easy, simply “Like” your favourite entry with a Thumbs-up.

RS Grass Roots Education Award
Prize: £500 RS Basket for winning team / £100 per person
Award given to the team that receives the “Most Likes” on their DesignSpark Article

Equate Wind Farm Project 2023

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