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FemEng Arduino Technical Workshop 2023-24

FemEng's Technical Workshop is an opportunity for members to play around with an Arduino kit alongside other inexperienced peers to support each other; as well as in the privacy of their own home so that they can feel more comfortable with handling basic electronics components.

Thanks to RS Grassroots' support, we are able to to provide Arduino Kits to our members and introduce them to microcontrollers, programming, and basic electronic components. We designed 6 activities to help them master the basics and foster creativity. Starting with a simple LED ON/OFF task, we progressed to controlling colours with RGB LEDs. Participants learned to use sensors like photoresistors and thermistors, while also navigating and downloading libraries.
Our technical team students then transformed their ideas into reality, and are now competing for a prize!
Check out these projects and vote for your favourite(s) by leaving a like on their article:

Diyana's Door Alarm System

Haiya's Ice-Cream Sticks Drone with Altitude Control and LCD Altitude Displayed

Lily's Sound Controlled Printer

FemEng Arduino Technical Workshop

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FemEng is a student network at University of Glasgow that aims to Empower Women in Engineering. ​ The group has a number of focuses including outreach work with schools, networking events with industry professionals, social activities, workshops and international collaborations.