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The Epic Competition

COMPETITION NOW CLOSED - Winners will be announced on 14 October. 

Entry Process 

A simple three-stage process to enter this competition is required.

1. Register to be a member of DesignSpark here 

2. Write and Publish your Project on DesignSpark as an article/project.

Create a project -  Best suited to projects where you need to add a bill-of-materials (parts list) or code.

Create an article - Best suited to those thought-provoking technology articles 

3. Enter your Published Project by completing a short form here 


Are you currently working on a project or have worked on a project that is aligned to one of the following aspects creating a positive social impact, nature positive/ tackling an environmental problem regardless of how localised it is and utilising innovative technologies to solve a problem? tell us about it and enter into our competition for a chance to win Cash Prize and let us help you amplify your work to a wider audience.

We are calling you to bring your projects that will positively impact the industry, and our planet, and benefit humankind. Though we are faced with complex challenges, we know that working in collaboration to accelerate some of the solutions through the networks of like-minded people has contributed to the greatest advancements known to mankind. 

This an opportunity for us to celebrate your amazing work and in the words of Marie Curie, "Science is at the base of all the progress that lightens the burden of life and lessens its suffering."


Whoop whoop we do not have a brief because each one of you has identified a problem, a passion, a frustration and a hope you want to see and you have stepped up to the challenge, so share with us and our community

Eligibility Criteria

  • Be an RS DesignSpark Member 
  • Aged 18 - 30 
  • Entry to be submitted in English


There are 3 Categories - A total of £3000 Cash Prize pot is available,

  • Social Impact - £1000
  • Nature Positive/environmental - £1000
  • Innovative - £1000

Selection Criteria 

The contents of your submitted article/project on DesignSpark will be used to assess your entry into this competition. 

  • Social Impact - How well the project is addressing societal problems for an equitable future locally or at a global scale 
  • Nature Positive/ Environmental - How well the project is tackling environmental problems and contributing to a globally sustainable future 
  • Innovative - How well the project is utilising innovative solutions to solve the identified problem.



Time Line


What does Good Look Like? 

Your published contribution should:

  • The story – includes the problem, approach, learnings and outcome
  • Media – including a variety of media to support the written text. i.e. videos, photos, 3D CAD, code snippets etc.
  • Audience Engagement – captures the interest of the audience, is interesting, fun and easy to digest


Automatic Orchidarium by Andres 

Beyond Hearing by ChunTe

Project Particle Pavilion 

Smart Glacier by Manuel 


1. Can existing Designspark content be used to enter this competition?

Answer: Content has to have been submitted in 2023 and is not part of any other RS Grassroots initiative.

2. How do I know if my project qualifies for this competition?

Answer: Please check the introduction but if you are unsure email us at

3. Can I enter as a team?

Answer: Yes 

"We have admired the problem long enough, Now it's time to act" - Mellody Hobson


RS Grass Roots is the Education & Community Impact team at RS. Grass Roots champions young engineers with exciting opportunities to nurture the next generation of outstanding innovators! Industry now demands graduate engineers with not only the knowledge but crucially the skills and practical experience to solve real problems and create new designs. Whether you are an academic working to enhance the educational experience or a student tackling your latest project - RS is here to help.