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Mission Responsible Podcast: Mission 6 - Food


Agents - according to Professor Susan Jebb, Professor of Diet and Population Health at the University of Oxford, “we cannot meet Net Zero targets without changing our diet”.

To discover how responsible engineering can help grow the food of the future, we’ve asked Agent Somara to get the lowdown on a company creating sushi-grade salmon without growing any fish(?). Meanwhile, Agent Clark must use his very best puns to infiltrate a farm using tech to grow food faster with less water, pesticides and fertiliser.

PLUS what happens when Grieg Cameron from ‘D’ Brand puts our team through a sustainable snack taste test?

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In this week's Mission

During this week's mission to explore how responsible engineering can help grow the food of the future, Dr Shini Somara interviews Brittany Sambol, VP of Operations at Wildtype, who creates sushi-grade salmon without growing any fish!, whilst Dr Simon Clark visits Lett Us Grow and talks with India Langley and Jack Farmer who use aeroponic technology that allows plants to grow faster, while using less water, fertiliser & zero pesticides.

Mission Responsible - Lett Us Grow Aeroponic

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For more information on this fascinating subject check out the article - Can we engineer our food to be better?

Or check out the podcast, "Growing The Future of Food", where we talk with Ocado’s Chief Technology Offer Paul Clarke about the future of food production and distribution including vertical farming, dark kitchens and digital twins. 

The Engineering Edge - Future of Food

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Mission Responsible: Mission 6 - Food

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