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Mission Responsible Podcast: Mission 1 - Repair



Agents - our intel team have discovered that in 2021 every person on Earth produced an average of 7.6 kg of e-waste (that’s 57 MILLION tons across the globe!).

To see how responsible engineering can help fix our way to the future, we’ve sent Agent Clark to interrogate the CEO of Team Repair and find out why they’re sending broken tech to schools. Meanwhile, Agent Somara has been dispatched undercover to infiltrate a repair party run by the sinister-sounding ‘Restart Project’...

PLUS sparks (almost literally) fly as Greig Cameron from ‘D’ Branch challenges our intrepid agents to fix a game's console against the clock…

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In this week's Mission

During this week's mission, Dr Simon Clark interviews Megan Hale CEO and Co-founder of Team Repair whose aim is to fix the future, by showing kids how fun science, tech, and engineering can be, whilst Dr Shini Somara visits The Restart Project and talks with Sophia Flucker and Ugo Vallauri, about helping people learn how to repair their broken electronics and rethink how they consume them in the first place.

Agent Somara infiltrates a repair party

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Then why not join a Restart Party - Communities from around the world are running repair events, where you can get help to fix your broken belongings – from tablets to toasters and everything in between - Find an event near you! 

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Fight to Repair - Jude Pullen Journey to repair his headphones

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Mission Responsible - The Missions:

Mission 1: Repair - Listen Now

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