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Mission Responsible Podcast: Mission 5 - Travel


Agents - intercepted communications show that travel accounts for around one-fifth of global CO2 emissions, while our obsession with space has put almost eight THOUSAND tonnes of waste into orbit!

To learn how responsible engineering can clean up the skies and space, Agent Clark must attempt a clandestine rendezvous with the head of ESA's Clean Space Initiative, while Agent Somara is ready to jet off on a mission to interrogate the team developing the world’s first fully certified hydrogen-powered plane...

PLUS can our crime-fighting duo give Greig Cameron from ‘D’ Branch an idea for a new mode of transport for busy spies?

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In this week's Mission

During this week's mission to explore how responsible engineering can help us clean up the skies and space, Dr Simon Clark interviews Luisa Innocenti, Head of the ESA Clean Space to learn more about their clean space initiative, whilst Dr Shini Somara tracks down the team developing the worlds first fully hydrogen certified plane at Cranfield Aerospace Solutions and talks with Robert Marsh and Jenny Kavanagh about this exciting technology. 

Mission Responsible: Cranfield Aerospace Solutions

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Mission Responsible - The Missions:

Mission Responsible: Mission 5 - Travel

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