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Mission Responsible Podcast: Mission 4 - Cities


Agents - according to our sources, over half the world’s population live in a city - a figure expected to reach 7 BILLION by 2050. What’s more, cities account for 80% of global GDP and over 70% of global CO2 emissions! 

To investigate how responsible engineering can help build the future, Agent Somara must track down the designer of a city that’s literally out of this world. Meanwhile, Agent Clark’s mission is to hack his way into (and hopefully out again) the world’s smartest office building…

PLUS Greig Cameron from ‘D’ Branch challenges our spies to design the perfect city of the future for Scientists and Engineers…

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In this week's Mission

During this week's mission to explore how responsible engineering can help build cities of the future, Dr Shini Somara finds a city literally out of this world and interviews Sam Ross, principal investigator at Nexus Aurora as an engineer of all things Martian! and discusses projects around the long-term future of humanity in space, whilst Dr Simon Clark locates one of the world's smartest office buildings - Southworks London, and talks with Liam Dillon and Frankie Attard about how the building reacts to the people within it allowing them to create their optimum working environments.

Mission Responsible - Southworks London

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