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Student Project Fund UK 2024 - Winners Announced

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We are delighted to announce the 20 winners of this year's Student Project Fund - UK!

The Student Project Fund is helping engineering students to elevate their projects through hands-on prototyping and experimentation as we believe practical skills to be essential for a young engineer's education journey.

The 20 winners will be provided with £300 in RS Products.

Please keep a lookout over the coming weeks as each winner will be creating a piece of DesignSpark content to showcase their project, and what products they have chosen.

The Winners

 Name  Uni  Project 
 Adan  University College London  Eco-marathon team
 Andrew  University of Bath  Bath Rocket Team 
 Ashley  The University of Sheffield  Portable ground station and electronic payload for use    with model rockets
 Balvinder  Queen Mary University of London  Londons first Hyperloop pod
 Dylan  University of Leicester  Sloshing within a race car fuel tank
 Ethan  University of Nottingham  Project Vulcan - 3U CubeSat prototype for wildfires
 Fergus   University of Edinburgh  Endeavour Rocketry
 Freya  Imperial College London  Mamilla Breastfeeding Device
 Georgia  University of Glasgow  Smart Spice Dispenser
 Haris  De Montfort university  DMU Merlin, UAS
 Katherine  University College London  Dynamometer
 Lily  University of Nottingham  AeroNottical, UAS
 Mairead  University of Glasgow  Wireless Robotic Platform to demystify RF & microwave   engineering
 Nida  Dundee University  Haggis Aerospace, Aeronautical Society
 Ramendra  University of Warwick  The Warwick Hyperloop Project
 Rory  University of Edinburgh  Dynamics Team (HypED)
 Sami  University of Strathclyde  StrathSEDS, rocketry
 Sharujan  University of Warwick  Godiva V Warwick Submarine Team
 Thomas  University of Edinburgh  Electronic Communications (HypED)
 Tinius  University of Edinburgh  Propulsion team (HypED)


CONGRATULATIONS, we can't wait to see your project come to life!

Student Project Fund Winners Banner

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