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DMU Merlin competing in the IMECHE UAS challenge

DMU Merlin is a group of students who come together as part of a multidisciplinary team that competes in the IMeche UAS challenge. DMU Merlin has been competing for three years. And hopes to achieve innovation in areas of design, concepts, and ways of working.

This year the team main aims and objectives are to improve on the success and learning experiences of the previous year’s entries. This includes but is not limited to upgraded:

  • Reliable avionics and electrical control systems
  • Enhanced telemetry systems 
  • Robust airframe design.
  • Simplified aircraft manufacturing
  • Simplified aircraft assembly 

These, in combination with a more experienced team, hope to win a number of different awards that are up for grabs.

Design methodolgoy

We have opted to use an intertivtive approach to designing our aircraft to ensure that it is is a efficent and stable aspossible. this starts with an intial conecpt design followed by an intiatial simulation. I.e xflr5 to simulate the wing aerdodynmaics. This is then disscussed with the team to gain an informed opinion. Once it passes this stage it proceds to intitail CAD modeling. This is where we aim to check for potential intergration conflicts and quality control issues. i.e. Space for electrical cables being insufficent. Once this stage is complete it is then intergrated into the aircraft model. And procceds to prototyping and manufacturing. Which is then monitored for a high standard of Quality Aontrol and Quality Assurance. Before final intergration into the aircraft.  

DMU Merlin - Frame Work

The project is bout to enter the manufacturing phase of our project schedule. We will be using a combination of plywood, carbon fibre reinforcement and vinyl. This combination of materials will ensure that the airframe is not only as lightweight as possible but is sufficiently flexible for the rigors of flight.

This RS grassroots Student Project fund will allow the team to purchase new electrical equipment, radio equipment and tools. This investment will assist in helping the team to achieve the objectives of the IMeche UAS Challenge.

However, it’s not all about this year, with planning already started for next year’s competition in the works.

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