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Badass Engineers Episode 8!: Tania Boler - Elvie's CEO (and my BOSS!)


Badass Engineers Episode 8!

Tania Boler | CEO and Founder, Elvie

In this episode, I speak with MY BOSS! Founder and CEO of one the most successful and fastest-growing startups in the UK - Elvie - making tech that changes the lives of millions of people, all while breaking through barriers and smashing taboos!

Tania is an internationally recognized women’s health expert and has held leadership positions for various global NGOs and the United Nations. Passionate about challenging taboo women’s issues, Tania founded Elvie in 2013, partnering with Alexander Asseily to create a global hub of connected health and lifestyle products for women.


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About the series

Hi! I’m Shrouk El-Attar and I host BADASS ENGINEERS!

The world has a very specific view of what an engineer looks like and what an engineer does. But, y’all, the engineers I know are nothing like that!

In this 12 part series, I introduce you to some BADASS ENGINEERS in my community, and best of all, they answer YOUR questions! 


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Hello! My name is Shrouk El-Attar and I’m an Engineer, Belly Dancer, Refugee!

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