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July 31, 2017 07:38


The DesignSpark Quattro, the ultimate case for the Raspberry Pi

DesignSpark has had an association with Raspberry Pi for many years and is the go-to place to find great projects such as using your Raspberry Pi and SDR to receive tracking information from Mode-S aeroplane transponders or building a health-service time-saving device.

Continuing with our range of DesignSpark branded Raspberry Pi accessories, which are all available from RS Components, we bring you another case for your Pi, this one, however, is very different to the other DesignSpark Branded cases we have on offer.

This unique case takes protecting your Raspberry Pi to the next level, whilst offering a plethora of expansion opportunities seldom met by other Pi cases, we give you:

The Quattro

Packed with innovation the Quattro gives you:

  • Square form factor
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi B+, Pi-2, Pi-3
  • Media server function with space for internal 2.5” HDD
  • Multiple mount options including VESA
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • LED guides for Power & Action on Pi B+ , Pi-2, Pi-3
  • Internal space for addition of a HAT
  • Internal space for hidden front facing Pi-Camera
  • Removable panel for SD card access
  • Secure/lockable Top Cover with 4 security screws
  • Exceptional ventilation + space for onboard heat-sinks
  • Top cover with easy clip system for PCB access if required
  • Recessed pockets for access to all external connectors

Expanding possibilities

This range of cases offers heaps of space for expansion, with room for a 2.5 inch HDD, HATs, cameras and with added security and mounting options, available in clear, white, black and red colours.

(136-0229) – White

(136-0232) – Black

(136-0227) – Clear

(136-0234) – Red

(136-0236) – White/red

Bulk purchase options are available for all of the above colour variants, just click on ‘View Similar Products’ on the RS product web page.

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Countless years taking things to bits to see how they tick...

July 31, 2017 07:38



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August 5, 2017 06:04

Excellent product. How long will it take to become available? I need 25 Quattro Raspberry Pi cases as soon as possible.


August 5, 2017 06:12

@armando10 They are available now Armando! Links are in the article!