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31 Jul 2017, 7:35

Raspberry Pi Gets DesignSpark Branded Apparel

DesignSpark has had a long association with Raspberry Pi based products and innovations, from the very early days of the advent of first Raspberry Pi with relevant articles, projects and tech news for our readers, to the present day, DesignSpark has been there from the beginning.

We thought it was about time we cemented our association with the Raspberry Pi by launching a range of great DesignSpark Branded products, to help you get the best out of your Pi projects and all of these products are available from RS Components.

What better way to protect your Pi than to encase it in a durable and rugged, but also fashionable DesignSpark branded case?

Protect your Pi

We have a great range of cases designed for use with the Raspberry Pi 2 B, Pi 3B and the Raspberry Pi B+ model versions, constructed from rugged ABS that has been textured and polished, this case provides plenty of ventilation and all the connector port access that you will need. Of a 3 part construction, and rubber feet for stability, these cases are designed to easily clip together and have plenty of room for expansion boards and they also feature mounting points for the Pi HD and Pi Noir camera boards. With additional slots under the lid of the case to allow for external ribbon cable access to the GPIO and camera and display headers, we have thought of everything.

Available in the following colours:

(908-4212) – White

(908-4215) – Black

(908-4218) – Clear

(124-6622) – Red

Bulk purchase options are available for all of the above colour variants (except red), just click on ‘View Similar Products’ on the RS product web page.

Hold Up

We also have a range of universal brackets, ideal for these cases, giving you a little more support.

(122-3464) – White

(122-3465) – Black

(122-3463) – Clear

More Secure?

For those who require a bit more security perhaps we have a protective case, available in black only, this case features a Kensington lock slot and an end cover plate that is designed to protect the SD card point or the connection ports. There is also a locking screw and key slot features that will allow you to lock the Pi securely in position, both found on the bottom of the case. A 3 Piece construction with plenty of ventilation and featuring LED apertures for compatible with Pi 2 B, Pi 3 B and the Raspberry Pi B+ models, this secure case is ideal for public installations or where things might be a little bumpy!


(103-4300) - Black

Keep in Touch

What if you want to include a Raspberry Pi Touchscreen with your Pi project? We have that covered as well with this range of Raspberry PI LCD Touchscreen cases, offered in black, white, and clear colour options. These durable ABS constructed cases feature all the necessary cut-outs, a camera board connector slot and are even wall mountable, so you can either go portable with Pi or create an installation. Suitable for the Raspberry Pi 2 B, 3 B, and the Raspberry Pi B+ model versions.

(100-3894) – White

(906-4665) – Black

(117-6025) – Clear

Bulk purchase options are available for all of the above colour variants, just click on ‘View Similar Products’ on the RS product web page.

Look out for more DesignSpark branded Raspberry Pi products coming your way!

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Countless years taking things to bits to see how they tick...

31 Jul 2017, 7:35