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The Challenges of the Transportation Industry

Whether it's the most rugged of earth moving machines, or the latest electric vehicle technology, there's a whole lot more to the transportation industry than mass-produced cars or commuter trains. The demands placed on modern transportation equipment can be extreme.  In these circumstances, only the most capable components can be relied upon.

Connector manufacturer ITT Cannon knows a thing or two about the transportation industry.  Founded in 1915 the Cannon corporation has manufactured connectors for some of the most iconic names in modern history.  Let's take a look at how ITT Cannon are addressing the needs of the transportation market in the 21st Century...

APD Series Connectors

titleThe APD Series of connectors have been specifically designed to overcome harsh environments commonly found in the transportation and heavy equipment applications. Sealed to IP67/IP69K specifications (with individual wire sealing), ITT’s APD Series interconnects include a wide range of interface options, including 1- and 2-way high power, 4-way high voltage, all the way up to 51-way versions. The APD Series connectors provide a flexible platform for customized solutions, as well as special sensor and PCB-type interconnects that are all vibration resistant.

Manufactured from robust materials resistant to diesel fuel, oil and brake fluids commonly found in heavy vehicles and agricultural equipment, APD connectors feature a proven bayonet locking system to cope with high vibration encountered in such applications.

Featuring electrical specifications that meet requirements of up to 48VDC (500 V dc/ac on high voltage configuration) and 245A, the comprehensive APD Series suits a wide range of harsh environment applications.

Relating our products to your applications:

  • 1-way APD High Power – engine control unit; inverter box DC/AC
  • 2-way APD – hydraulic lift systems, power drive for on-board appliances 
  • 4-way APD – air conditioning, cooling and heating systems, control units for video walls, high tension distribution boxes
  • 4-way APD High Voltage- power distribution boxes, junction boxes, Electric Vehicles
  • 6/7-way APD: control units, lighting and steering power transfer units
  • 19-way APD – diesel engines in tractors
  • 37-way APD- power inverters, signal integration 
  • 51-way APD – cabin to chassis interface, signal and power transfer

Understanding your needs with design solutions:

  • Safety in mind:
  • As alternative energy rapidly spreads throughout the transportation industry, ITT offers a receptacle connector with finger protect design to support the safety of the handlers
  • Mechanical and color coding connectors provide end users with tactile and visual feedback guarantees 100% correct mating. 
  • Power without losing performance:
  • Without increasing the connector footprint, Cannon developed the 500V DC / 20A High Voltage APD 4way connector. This series provides the cost-effective, reliable options for power distribution and junction boxes. 
  • Board level connection:
  • The APB PCB configurations provide you with direct interface into the box without the standard crimped cable connection. Ideal for designs requiring a lightweight sealed solution
  • Supporting the toughest environments:
  • For ultra-heavy duty applications, the APD 19- and 51-way connectors offer a secondary locking feature for easy contact installation and guaranteed contact alignment.
  • Robust range of accessories and contacts
  • Supporting wire sizes up to 50 mm2, Cannon offers a robust range of stamped and machined contacts to fit your application requirements
  • Understand each application is different; the APD Series is accompanied by a full range of accessories including 90 degree end bells to blind sockets and flex tubing.

For additional information on how APD can support your harsh-environment applications,


See the range at RS Components


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