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Student Project Fund South Africa 2024 - CLOSED

Student Project Fund 2024

Do you have a project that you are passionate about? Do you need some tools and components to make it happen? If so, apply for the Student Project Fund for the unique opportunity to win R10,000 worth of RS Products to take your project to another level. 

What is the Student Project Fund?

The Student Project Fund is a product donation program that supports students who want to advance their projects from just concepts to something physical and have the experience of building and testing their innovation. The winning projects will get a R10,000 product donation from RS. These projects can be part of university studies (i.e. dissertation, generic module projects) or individual projects outside your studies. We are excited to help you advance these projects as you bring new ideas that will help solve problems in various industries regardless of how small or big the positive change might look.

The application is simple, tell us about the aim of your project whether it is still an idea or something you are working on already, how the fund will enable you to achieve your objectives and the proposed impact on the industry if any.

With the Fund, we are putting our commitment to supporting students from Engineering and Technology related courses to become work-ready by providing resources for enhancing prototyping and experimentation skills which are key to their education journey. We strongly believe these innovations could transform our world for a better future.

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What's on Offer?

  • Products worth R10,000 (inc. VAT) of your choice from RS.
  • Join the inspirational Global Community of RS Grassroots.
  • Access to our software suite and learning material of various technologies by being a member of RS DesignSpark.

What do we expect from successful applicants?

  1. Submit you application
  2. Sign our simple agreement
  3. Create your content on DesignSpark
  4. Order your products
  5. Send us a short video introducing yourself and the project

Application Criteria 

  • Aged 18 and over as of the date of entry. 
  • You must be a registered member of RS DesignSpark.
    • If you are not yet registered, register now. Become an Explorer and kickstart your learning journey with other 1.3 million members.
  • Enrolled in full-time/part-time or degree apprenticeship university Engineering or Technology related program.
  • Resident in South Africa

N:B: Formula Students Teams have a separate Build Fund and cannot apply to the Student Project Fund for Formula Student support.

Judging Criteria

Entries shall be judged against the following criteria:

  • Impact of your work on the chosen area of research 
  • The vision of how the Fund will help you.
    • Access to facilities and equipment - the physical/experimental level of impact will enhance the project.
  • Consideration of the wider impact on people, and the planet and repurposing/ end of life of awarded products. 




I am working on a project outside my university studies can I apply?

  • The Student Project Fund is there to support university students to become work-ready through gaining practical skills as they complete their projects. If you are working on a personal unassessed project alongside your studies you are eligible to apply provided you meet ALL the other requirements.

Does it matter if I am a team or an individual?

  • Project teams or individual innovators are equally eligible to apply! Please let us know which one you are in the application.

I am part of an IMechE Formula Student, can I apply for this fund?

  • If you are an IMechE Formula Student, there is a separate sponsorship fund for you to apply for which can be found here: BUILD FUND
  • You are not able to apply for both.

I am not studying at a university in South Africa can I still apply?

  • Unfortunately not but other parts of the world have their own funds throughout the year.

I am compiling my list of tools and components - do you have any recommendations?

I have another question, who can I ask?

RS Grass Roots is the Education & Community Impact team at RS. Grass Roots champions young engineers with exciting opportunities to nurture the next generation of outstanding innovators! Industry now demands graduate engineers with not only the knowledge but crucially the skills and practical experience to solve real problems and create new designs. Whether you are an academic working to enhance the educational experience or a student tackling your latest project - RS is here to help.