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Shining Light on Solar Cells - Chapter 10.1: Perovskite Solar Cells (Road to Commercialization)

You've finally made it to the last video of the entire video series! Congratulations!

The ultimate goal of researching solar cells is to hope that we one day can commercialize them. Like any other solar cell out there, there are three main ways to drive Perovskite solar cells towards commercialization.

- Efficiency
- Stability
- Scalability

Research in Perovskite solar cells is all about improving these 3 aspects of Perovskite solar cells. The key to improving these 3 aspects heavily relies on how we process them.

Processing, Efficiency, Stability & Scalability are key

Hence, in this video, I will be giving an introduction on how Perovskites are usually processed and the tweaks that are being made to improve these 3 aspects.

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