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Shining Light on Solar Cells - Chapter 10.0: Perovskite Solar Cells (Structure, History)

"Deep learning, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence". When we hear these terms, we usually think of them as the next big technology breakthrough in the world of computer science. Well, in the world of photovoltaics, most can agree that "the next big thing" is Perovskite solar cells.

Perovskite solar cell is a "super-material" for solar cells, possessing very low excitonic behaviour, high charge mobility, and a tunable bandgap. 

In this video, we will talk about the unique Perovskite structure and its history since its discovery. 

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Further reference materials that I highly recommend:

Lecture on Perovskites by Professor Henry Snaith in UNSW

Tom Miyasaka's 2009 paper 

Henry Snaith's 2012 paper

First-ever Perovskite solar cell

Scientific American's publication on Perovskite-Silicon Tandem

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