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QH Series Halo LED Indicators from APEM

Switches, buttons and keypads are the interface between your design and the user.  More than any other component, your switch is the part of your design that your user will handle the most.  This means it needs to be robust, attractive and pleasant to use.  And in some applications, your switch needs to stand out. With their new QH series halo indicator, APEM have made this task a little easier.









The QH is a surface mounted, halo-shaped LED indicator that it intended for use with circular push-button swiches.  With a selection of LED colours (including 2-colour options) and different switching modes, they are designed to make your switch stand out.  I realised it might be easier to show rather than tell, so I created this quick smart-phone video to show the halos in action:

The key design feature is that they will accomodate standard-sized pushbutton switches, so that you can use them in conjunction with your preferred switch style.  The variety of LED colours and variations, combined with the excellent field-of-view afforded by the rounded bezel design (hopefully my little video shows that well) means that your switch will stand out from the crowd.

Key Features

  • Sealed to IP67
  • Zero "behind-panel" depth for easy installation
  • Designed to integrate with APEM's existing switches, including an oversized version for use with emergency-stop switches
  • Single or Dual LED chip versions for different colour combinations
  • 12V or 24V DC input


  • Machine safety
  • Security and access control
  • Transportation
  • Kiosk and public information systems

So if simple push-buttons simply don't have the presence you need, take a look at the QH series today, and integrate it into your design. 


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