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Marine & Offshore

Marine & Offshore - The toughest industry out there

The harsh environment on a ship or a tanker requires not just highly skilled staff, but also products which have the special approvals and features to cope with these extreme conditions.
This is also true for offshore platforms which extract oil or gas from the ocean bed and structures which generate renewable energy from wind and water.

Our technical engineers are in daily contact with ship builders, maintainers who work on offshore platforms, tankers and service providers who operate in the ports around the globe. They are also working with R&D companies and manufacturers who look for future trends and technologies which will allow this industry to work efficiently in the future.








This page is to inform you of the basics about Marine & Offshore, but also provide exciting stories, ground breaking news and technology trends. As you know DesignSpark is about sharing knowledge and providing information to anyone who is interested. Hopefully this page will encourage you to add comments and thoughts about the content already written, or even better, trigger ideas for you to share your own stories.

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