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How groov helps wind turbine owners to use their systems more efficiently

How groov helps wind turbine owners to use their systems more efficiently

You have probably heard a lot about groov already, as it is quite prominently promoted at RS Components. If not, let me quickly say, groov is a great piece of software (hardware) for applications which require an interface that can cope with equipment from different manufacturers like Allen-Bradley, Siemens, Honeywell, Yokogawa or Schneider Electric. It actually doesn´t matter if these devices work with different communication protocols, as groov can handle most of them. In addition groov allows remote control and monitoring via an easy to use web based mobile app. As it is web based users can actually use every monitoring device that has a web browser as a HMI for their application, even mobiles, tablet or HDTVs. groov even scales the display automatically to the optimal size of the monitoring device.

Enough with commercial details - what I wanted to share with you this time is a quite interesting case study I found on the Opto 22 website. The case study is highlighting the challenge that more and more wind turbine owners have with volatile electricity prices highly impacted by external variables. It is unfortunately not as it was 30 years ago where just turning them on generated money for the owner.


What groov does in this specific case study is to combine the external variables like stock prices, weather information, authority demands and managing these inputs in the most efficient way to generate the highest possible ROI. This can be even done with existing wind turbines which are out there since many years. 

I´m sure it could be also of great help for offshore wind parks - as it must be hard to manage these solitary locations. Having something that can control and monitor the data of several wind parks from a central point, maybe even from land, should be of great help - and save money, time and frustration of maintainers who regulary have to go out and do their inspections onsite. 

View the below video to find out more

See the full technical details on how a solution explained above can be implemented by clicking here

title groov, the SNAP PAC controller and I/O boards (analogue, serial and digital) from Opto 22

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