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List of Projects Based on Raspberry Pi 4

These days, the Raspberry Pi 4 (182-2098) is probably everyone's first pick because it provides so many valuable features.

However, it will never be simple to construct projects using the Raspberry Pi 4; without instruction, no one should even attempt to. This post will give you a list of projects based on Raspberry Pi 4 if you need some guidance getting started.

List of Projects Based on Raspberry Pi 4

Here is a selection of Raspberry Pi 4 projects you can work on with your computer if you're starting.

1. Raspberry Pi 4 operating system installation

Raspberry Pi 4 operating system installation

On a Raspberry Pi 4, changing the operating system is one of the easiest jobs to complete. Besides the official Raspberry Pi OS, the Raspberry Pi 4 is also compatible with Windows and Ubuntu, two of the most popular alternative operating systems. Installing Kali Linux on a Raspberry Pi 4 is a great way to get hands-on experience whilst Kano OS, which you can install on the Raspberry Pi 4, is great for kids and will enjoy them.

2. Try out cryptocurrency mining

cryptocurrency mining

Since more people are interested in mining to make money for themselves, there is a fast-growing demand for cryptocurrency mining. Since setting up a Raspberry Pi 4 as a cryptocurrency miner is simple and fast, it's an excellent place to start. You can do this not only for financial gain but also to inform people about the advantages of cryptocurrency mining.

3. A gaming station

gaming station

Everyone loves playing video games, so it seems to reason that they'd need a device that can give them a good time while doing it. You may use the Raspberry Pi 4 computer to create a gaming station that enables you to play Retro vintage games on it. If you successfully build a gaming station, you may view it on your large-screen TV by connecting your Raspberry Pi 4 to it via an HDMI cable.

4. Employ the Raspberry Pi 4 as an effective media controller

The Raspberry Pi 4 is ready to go now if you want to utilize it as a media centre. It's possible to build your power plant with nothing more than an amplifier and some vintage speakers that feature their amplifiers. More crucially, the Raspberry Pi 4 gadget's Bluetooth capability enables quick connections with any other device, and the WIFI features even allow you to stream music from the internet.

5. Create your security system

security system

Because of the high cost of home security systems, most consumers look for more affordable alternatives. You may build your security system with the Raspberry Pi 4 gadget. Creating a DIY security camera (201-2852) system that notifies you whenever a stranger approaches your door requires nothing more than cameras and some knowledge of basic programming.

6. Solar Power your Raspberry Pi 4

Do you need a way to reliably power your Raspberry Pi 4 device in the event of frequent power outages where you live in the country? If that's the case, you don't have to spend much money on a solar panel to power your gadget; instead, you may create your solar power system. Then, your Raspberry Pi 4 can be powered by the sun with just a 0.5W solar panel, a car power adaptor, a battery, a car power socket, and wires.

7. Advanced Agriculture System

Agriculture System

To construct a Smart Agriculture system, you only need a Raspberry Pi 4 device. You can use a Grove soil moisture sensor (174-3236) and a Raspberry Pi 4 hat based on the Grove ecosystem to create an intelligent device that keeps tabs on your plants' temperature.

8. Weather Station

Weather Station

Constructing a weather station with a Raspberry Pi should be enjoyable if you have experience making projects with electronic components. It might not be the most straightforward, to begin with, but if you review the project criteria, it's relatively short. In addition, you can get weather data using several sensors.

9. Twitch Bot

Twitch is a platform for your convenience that many gamers and amateurs use worldwide. It is a social media site that streams live videos. Professionals often use it to broadcast their projects, performances, and events. You must be familiar with Twitch if you've ever heard of Fortnite. You can convert your Raspberry Pi board into a Twitch streaming bot with a few adjustments. Using your newly created bot, you will have the option of live-streaming various gameplays. You must obtain the Twitch OAuth token from Twitch to make the bot. The moderator will then be programmed in Python, and the Raspberry Pi will be set up to launch the bot.

Besides the projects explained above, there are several other projects you can design with Raspberry Pi 4, like Cashierless Grocery System, Automated Keychain Backup, Internet Speed Monitor using Raspberry Pi 4, Meeting Indicator, Music Album Art, Timelapse Camera, and Hue Ambient Light Synced to TV.


The Raspberry Pi 4 gadget is a fantastic advancement to date that might be utilized in several ways. The projects mentioned above can be tried on your Raspberry Pi 4 if you recently bought a device and wish to construct projects on it. You will undoubtedly love building them.

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