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15 Jan 2019, 11:14

Introducing the 0.96” full colour TFT

Introducing the 0.96”full-colour TFT with super bright 500nit backlight. This mini TFT is IPS, 80x160 resolution has an 80-degree viewing angle from each direction and an SPI interface. It is ideal for any space restricted application.

Recognising what a great versatile display this is, and knowing the difficulties with the hot bar solder termination for small scale production, two mounting options have been introduced, as well as the TFT being available as a standalone display.

Option 1: PCB Display Option

13.50(W) x 28.00(H) x 3.00(D) mm, the PCB is identical in size to the display, with rear pads, mounted to the underside of the display and with the HBS flex already connected, allowing easy termination for soldering wires. Available here.

 Option 2: PCB Easy Mounting Display Option

30.00(W) x 28.00(H) x 3.00(D) mm, the PCB has a slight overhang to allow for an SIL pin header. If your application can allow for the space this is an ideal solution. Available here.

 All available for purchase through RS Components


Part Number


RS Article


0.96” TFT display as a stand-alone item



0.96” TFT display with easy connect PCB



0.96” TFT display with easy connect PCB and mounting holes




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15 Jan 2019, 11:14