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Designing any but the very simplest electrical or electronic circuit involves juggling a vast number of characteristics and effects.  Choosing the correct components can be a minefield for the engineer, and once the circuit is designed, prototyped and tested, the performance of the finished product can be modified in any number of ways not originally intended.

Inductors are a perfect example.  In design, inductors are deceptively simple - at their most basic they consist of wires wrapped around a core.  But even two otherwise similar products can perform in different ways that is not clear from the datasheet.  For example, the rated current of an inductor can be affected by temperature (both from the environment and from self-heating).

Testing the effects of temperature yourself would be next to impossible, but in order to help out, Würth Elektronik have done some of the work for you.  Würth Elektronik is one of Europe's biggest manufacturer of electronic & electromechanical components, and they are experts in the field of inductors.

This application note investigates the subject of inductor current rating in some depth, letting you get on with the important task of designing your circuit.


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