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How to build a 3D printed Radio Globe to tune into radio stations from around the world

Hey Jude
Ever wanted to explore thousands of the world's radio stations, in seconds, simply by spinning a globe? I created the DesignSpark Radio Globe to mark the 10th Birthday of DesignSpark and the launch of DesignSpark Mechanical v5.0.

Parts list

Qty Product Part number
2 Bourns 1024 (Position) Pulse Absolute Mechanical Rotary Encoder with a 3.17 mm Plain Shaft (Not Indexed), Through Hole 7899490
1 1m x 4mm Diameter 303S31 Stainless Steel Rod 0682810
1 Raspberry Pi 4 4G Model B 182-2096
1 Raspberry Pi, 15.3W AC DC Adapter 5.1V dc, 3A, 1 Output Power Supply, Type G 187-3416
1 RS PRO, M4 Brass Threaded Insert diameter 5.6mm Depth 7.95mm 278-556
1 RS PRO 1.75mm White PLA 3D Printer Filament, 1kg 832-0223
1 RS PRO, M3 Brass Threaded Insert diameter 4mm Depth 4.78mm 278-534
I'm a Product Design Engineer, currently living in the UK. I have been fortunate to have lived, studied and worked in Hong Kong, Norway and California. I believe physical models help people to communicate, develop and test their ideas. I give workshops and have been creating tutorials showing how to work with simple materials to create functional objects - either for professional work or for just for fun!


August 19, 2020 12:59

This looks great. It seems quite similar to the radio garden:

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July 27, 2020 11:42

I think there may be a few too many "RS PRO, M4 Brass Threaded Insert diameter 5.6mm Depth 7.95mm" in the parts list. Its states 100.

July 30, 2020 09:09

@philipsg So the M4s are optional, but the M3 type are pretty essential. It's slightly problematic that you can only order in pk of 100, but then I think they are darn useful things to have in your workshop ;o) Do check out the full guide, which gets into more specifics... Thanks for the note tho =)


August 25, 2020 08:39

@Hey Jude I think what they mean with "too many" is that when you add the part list to basket, it adds 100 packs of 100 M4... so 10k total. Made the whole project more than 3000€. The mistake is easy to spot but it's slightly too expensive for a radio :)

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