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Eurocircuits a perfect partnership for PCB Services

RS and Eurocircuits have created a collaboration that gives design engineers direct access to services for PCB prototyping and small series manufacturing. Now RS customers and DesignSpark members can take advantage of this collaboration to source quality PCB prototypes for their product development needs.

In this interview, we speak with Dirk Stans from Eurocircuits and DesignSpark guru Pete Wood to explore this service and why Pete decided that Eurocircuits were his partner of choice for manufacturing the ESD Kit, the hardware that's used in the DesignSpark Air Quality Project.

Eurocircuits can be directly accessed from either the RS Components Design and Manufacturing Solutions page or from the DesignSaprk PCB services page. A simple link takes you to the RS Eurocircuits page where you can drop your PCB and BOM data, as shown below.

Eurocircuits PCB Services

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